Back in early March, yoga studios worldwide were forced to close their doors due to Covid-19.

Yoga communities lost the familiar safe space to come together, breathe and down-regulate. Not only were we separated from our friends and family, but our normal method of coping had been taken away from us. For a time we all became isolated, adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Lockdown showed us that the people we love, genuine human connection and real community are utterly essential and fundamental to the human heart.

Fortunately we found a way to bring the community online. For these difficult months we found grounding in familiar practices, people and faces. We shared movement, breath and tears together - yet alone in our homes. Our screens, which for so long had been a habitual way to disconnect, became our only way to stay connected.

Director Tara Darby has perfectly captured this moment in time as part of Stretch Series, an ongoing visual essay exploring contemporary depictions of yoga and movement practice, commissioned by Creative Directors Laura Tabet and Lauren Barrett.

Through a cross section of East London-based yoga studio Stretch's community, Tara tells a story of challenges and struggles but ultimately the triumph of human spirit over adversity. In this celebratory and uplifting short film, she honours the diversity and true global nature of our yoga family. If you need a lift, if hope is running in short supply, join Stretch's community and remember you are truly part of something special.


Cast in order of appearance

David Green
Lorenza Izzio
Fay Clever
Tash Richards
Tamzin Jade O’garro
Giovanni Brighi
Ashley Saint Ange
Kole Fulmine
Cat Sarsfield
Satmohan Panesar
Darren Onyejekwe
Marié Yagumi
Laura Tabet
Nicola Price
Adelah Bilal
Fred Butler
Charlotte Faure
Kevin Green
Tamara Klein

Director Tara Darby
Creative Director
Laura Tibet
Creative Director Lauren Barrett
Amy Barker
Camera Tara Darby
Film Concept Tara Darby
Interviews & Script Editing Tara Darby
Milo Cumpstey @ SPEEDWAGON
Re-recording Mixer Jason Peacock
Andi Chu @ETC
Colour Producer Oscar Wendt
Music Carl Faure
iPhone Camera Sophie Tabet
iPhone Camera Stephen Green
iPhone Camera
Nick Ratcliffe
iPhone Camera Danielle Attwater
iPhone Camera
 Mark Verweij
Drone Operator Masui Takahiro
Drone Footage Manabu Yamamoto
Self Shooter
Kevin Cross
Self Shooter
Faye Clever
Self Shooter
Tash Richards

Special Thanks Stretch, Carl Faure, Laura Tabet, Lauren Barrett, Amy Barker, Biddy Marquis, Holly Jagger & Ben Weaver