Project Adrift is an arts project by artists Cath Le Couteur and Nick Ryan. The project explores the hidden world of space junk, making it personal, visible and audible. The project takes the form of an interactive experience (Adopt), a documentary film (Adrift), and a sound installation (Listen).

My role was to provide Audio Post Production for the Adopt and Adrift arms of the project. This included recording the voices of SuitSat, Vanguard & Fengyun (the 3 pieces of Space Junk being brought to life over the 3 films), producing the 5.1 & stereo mixes for the ‘Adrift’ documentary, and providing sound design, music editing and mixing for the Adopt animation films ‘SuitSat’ & ‘Vanguard Fengyun’.


Adrift is a short documentary that explores the hidden world of space junk. The film reveals an issue that is troubling and beautiful, dangerous and fascinating. It begins with the tale of astronaut Piers Sellers, who dropped his spatula in space in 2006, which became the most deadly kitchen instrument soon after, travelling at 27,000 km/h. The film then journeys across the remote deserts of Chile with astronomers of Collowara Observatory, into the skies, where threats to the International Space Station take place, and through to Thailand, where a man watches space debris burn. The film includes a narration by Vanguard, the oldest piece of space junk, voiced by Sally Potter (Dir Orlando).

    Cath Le Couteur
Film Edit & Sound Design
    Florence Kennard
Film Edit & Sound Design
    Michele Chiappa
Cinematographer, Chile
    Constanza García Ulibarri
Cinematographer, Washington
    Richard Numerous
Vanguard Voice
    Sally Potter
Vanguard Screenwriter
    Heidi Julavits
Vanguard Animation
    Daffy London
Re-Recording Mixer
    Jason Peacock
Film Music
    Tim J Matthews
Chile Production    Jorge Castillo-Sepúlveda
Chile Production
    Monica Greco
Chile Production
    María Isabel Reyes
Chile Production
    Marsha Rosengarten
Graphic Design
    Patrick Fry
    Damn Fine
    Alejandro Torres
    Susumu Asano 

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Meta.Morf, Nice to be in Orbit, The Netherlands, 2016


The story of SuitSat, a ghostly piece of space junk.

SuitSat was a Russian astronaut suit that was pushed out of the International Space Station in 2006. Fitted with a radio transmitter, it was meant to communicate with Earth as a satellite. But it failed, after a few days and burnt up in Earths atmosphere as a piece of space junk.

You can also follow @SuitSat's thoughts and feelings on twitter, as its ghost orbits the exact journey it took in space, before it burnt up.

SuitSat Voice    Gruff Rhys (Lead Singer: Super Furry Animals)
Director    Cath Le Couteur
    The Space
    Daffy London
Sound Design
    Jason Peacock


The story of Vanguard and Fengyun, pieces of space junk.

Vanguard is the worlds oldest piece of space junk. In 1958 there was no junk. Now millions of pieces orbit above, threatening Earth and the future pf space exploration. Vanguard is due to continue orbiting above us for the next 240 years. Fengyun, was born out of the worst space junk event of all time, when the Chinese sent a missile into an old weather station causing thousands of bits of debris which may result in future collisions.

You can also follow @Vanguard and @Fengyun's thoughts and feelings on twitter, as they orbit above Earth in real time.

Vanguard Voice
    Sally Potter (Director:Orlando)
Fengyun Voice
    Delilah Holiday (Lead Singer: Skinny Girl Diet)
    Cath Le Couteur
    The Space
    Daffy Lundon
Sound Design
    Jason Peacock

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